This chapter relates an order to number the Levites fit for business,
and gives an account of the time and age when they should enter into
service, and how long they should continue therein, \\#Nu 4:1-3\\; what
their particular service should be; and first of the Kohathites,
\\#Nu 4:4-20\\; next of the Gershonites, \\#Nu 4:21-28\\; and then of the
Merarites, \\#Nu 4:29-33\\; after which Moses and Aaron, with the chief of
the congregation, numbered each of them, even as many as were at the
age fit for service, as the Kohathites, \\#Nu 4:34-37\\; the Gershonites,
\\#Nu 4:38-41\\; the Merarites, \\#Nu 4:42-45\\; the sum total of which is
given, \\#Nu 4:46-49\\.