Numbers 6:21

Numbers 6:21

This [is] the law of the Nazarite, who hath vowed
The vow of a Nazarite; what he is obliged to do when his Nazariteship is up:

[and of] his offering unto the Lord for his separation;
of the several offerings required of him, to offer to the Lord, for and upon his going through his Nazariteship, his burnt offering, sin offering, sacrifice of peace offerings, his meat offering and drink offering; together with the basket of unleavened bread, cakes and wafers:

besides [that] that his hands shall get;
the above offerings were what he was obliged unto by the law of God, even though a poor man; but, besides these, it was expected of a man of substance, that he would voluntarily of himself offer more, according to his ability and the length of the time of his Nazariteship:

according to the vow which he hath vowed, so he must do after the law
of his separation;
there were some things he was obliged to do by his vow, and as he had vowed, there was a necessity upon him to fulfil it; as to abstain from the things he vowed so to do, and that as long a time as he fixed by his vow, and when finished to offer the sacrifices required of him.

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