Numbers 7:11

Numbers 7:11

And the Lord said unto Moses
For before this was said to him, even what follows, Moses knew not, as the same writer observes, how they should offer, in what order, whether according to their birth, or whether according to the journeying of their camps, or whether they should offer together, or one after another, one day after another F7; this affair is set in a clear light:

they shall offer their offering each prince on his day;
one on one day, and the other on the next, and so on successively for twelve days running; and this was ordered for the greater solemnity of the service, and that it might be taken notice of, and each have the honour and credit of it; and this was done, not according to the order of their birth, but as their standards were fixed, first Judah, and those under him, and so the rest in course:

for the dedicating of the altar;
see ( Numbers 7:10 ) .


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