Numbers 8:11

Numbers 8:11

And Aaron shall offer the Levites before the Lord
Or "wave" F18 them, as a wave offering, which was moved to and fro, backwards and forwards; not that they were actually so waved and moved to and fro by Aaron, which could not be done by him; though it is possible he might make such a motion himself, and they might do the like after him, thereby signifying that they belonged unto the Lord of the whole earth; and some think this testified their readiness to serve the Lord; to which may be added their constant employment in his service, being always in motion, doing one piece of service or another continually; as the people of God, and especially the ministers of the word, should be always abounding: in the work of the Lord. Ainsworth supposes that the troubles and afflictions of the ministers of God are figured hereby:

[for] an offering of the children of Israel;
to the Lord, hereby devoting them to his service:

that they may execute the service of the Lord;
for them, in their room and stead, do what otherwise they must have done; see ( Numbers 3:7 Numbers 3:8 ) ; with this compare ( Isaiah 66:20 Isaiah 66:21 ) .


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