This chapter directs to the means of attaining to the knowledge of
divine things, and shows the profit and advantage arising from thence.
The means are, embracing the doctrines of the Gospel, and retaining in
memory and affection the ordinances of it, \\#Pr 2:1\\; and an inclination
of the ear and an application of the heart to the knowledge of these
things, \\#Pr 2:2\\. An earnest and importunate desire, expressed by
prayer, after the same, \\#Pr 2:3\\; and a diligent and unwearied
search for them, as for silver and hid treasure, \\#Pr 2:4\\. The
advantages are, that such shall attain to the fear and knowledge of
God; which may be concluded from these being the gift of God to his
people, and from their being laid up for them, whom he carefully keeps
and preserves, \\#Pr 2:5-8\\; and not only so, but such learn to do that
which is just and right among men, \\#Pr 2:9\\. And, besides, such is
the nature of divine wisdom, that, when it has once got a place in the
heart and in the affections, it will be a means of preserving both from
the ways of evil men, \\#Pr 2:10-12\\; who are described, \\#Pr 2:13-15\\.
And from the evil woman, whose character is given, \\#Pr 2:16,17\\; whose
vicious course of life, and the ways she leads persons into, are
represented as very dangerous, \\#Pr 2:18,19\\. And, on the contrary,
such is the usefulness of true wisdom, that it leads into the way of
good men, who will be happy and safe, when the wicked shall be
destroyed, \\#Pr 2:20-22\\.