This chapter contains the last part of the book of Proverbs; which some
reckon the fifth, others the sixth. It contains the instructions of the
mother of a prince, whose name was Lemuel, which she gave unto him; and
which are so valuable, as to be annexed to the proverbs of Solomon. The
preface or introduction to them is in \\#Pr 31:1\\; the address to her son,
\\#Pr 31:2\\. The vices she cautions him against are uncleanness and
intemperance; which she dissuades from, because of the pernicious
consequences of both to kings and to their subjects, \\#Pr 31:3-5\\.
Advises rather to give wine and strong drink to poor people, such as
are in distress; as being more useful to them, at least less
prejudicial, \\#Pr 31:6,7\\; and exhorts her son to the duties of his
office; by pleading the cause of the poor and injured, and
administering justice to them, \\#Pr 31:8,9\\. And then at large describes
a virtuous woman; perhaps designed as an instruction to her son in the
choice of a wife, \\#Pr 31:10-31\\; though more than that may be intended
by it.

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