Psalms 104:14

Psalms 104:14

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle
By means of rain falling upon the tender herb, and upon the mown grass, whereby provision of food is made for those creatures that live upon grass.

And herb for the service of man:
some herbs being for physic for him, and others for food, and all more or less for his use. Herbs were the original food of man, ( Genesis 1:29 ) and still a dinner of herbs, where love is, is better than a stalled ox, and hatred therewith, ( Proverbs 15:17 ) . Some render it, "and herb at the tillage of man" F15: grass grows of itself for the use of the cattle; but the herb, as wheat and the like, which is for the use of man, is caused to grow when man has taken some pains with the earth, and has tilled and manured it: but the former sense seems best.

That he may bring forth food out of the earth;
either that man may do it by his tillage; or rather that the Lord may do it, by sending rain, and causing the grass and herbs to grow. However, man's food, as well as the food of beasts, comes out of the earth, as he himself does, and to which he must return.


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