This psalm, though without a title, was probably written by David,
since it begins and ends as the former does, as Aben Ezra observes;
and to him the Septuagint, Vulgate Latin, and all the Oriental
versions, ascribe it. The inscription of the Syriac version is,

``a psalm of David, when he went to worship before the ark of
the Lord with the priests; and as to us, it teaches us
confession and prayer; and intimates to us the constitution
of the beginning of the creatures; and declares some things
concerning the angels.''

Some copies of the Septuagint version have it,

``a psalm of David concerning the constitution of the world;''

which indeed is the subject matter of it; for it treats of the creation
of all things, of the heavens and the earth, and of all creatures in
them; and of the providence of God in taking care of them. Christ is
the divine Person addressed and described throughout the whole, as
appears from the quotation of \\#Ps 104:5\\ and the application of it to
him in \\#Heb 1:7\\.

\\Bless the Lord, O my soul\\ As for the blessings of grace and
mercy expressed in the preceding psalm, so on account of the works of
creation and providence, enumerated in this; in which Christ has an
equal concern, as in the former.

\\O Lord my God, thou art very great\\; the Messiah, who is Jehovah our
righteousness, Lord of all, truly God, and the God of his people; see
\\#Joh 20:28\\ and who is great, and very great, in his divine Person,
being the great God, and our Saviour; great in all his works of
creation, providence, and redemption; great in all his offices of
Prophet, Priest, and King; a Saviour, and a great one; the great
Shepherd of the Sheep; the Man, Jehovah's Fellow.

\\Thou art clothed with honour and majesty\\; being the brightness of his
Father's glory, and having on him the glory of the only begotten of the
Father, and a natural majesty in him as the Son of God and King of the
whole universe; and, as Mediator, he has honour and majesty laid upon
him by his Father, \\#Ps 21:5\\, he has all the regalia and ensigns of
royal majesty; he is on a throne, high and lifted up, even the same
with his divine Father; he has a crown of glory on his head, he is
crowned with glory and honour; he has a sceptre of righteousness in his
hand, and is arrayed in robes of majesty; and, as thus situated, is to
look upon like a jasper and sardine stone; or as if he was covered with
sparkling gems and precious stones, \\#Re 4:2,3\\ and, having all power in
heaven and earth, over angels and men, honour and glory given him by