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Psalms 109:7

Psalms 109:7

When he shall be judged, let him be condemned
When he shall be arraigned at the bar of his own conscience, and be charged with the sin of which he is guilty, let conscience, which is as a thousand witnesses, rise up against him, and condemn him; so it did Judas, ( Matthew 26:1 Matthew 26:3 Matthew 26:4 ) , or when he shall stand before the judgment seat of Christ at the last day,

let him go out a wicked,
or a guilty or condemned man F26; let him hear the awful sentence, "go, thou cursed, into everlasting fire": and let him go out immediately from the presence of the Judge into eternal punishment, the condemnation of the devil: so Judas is said to go to his own place, ( Acts 1:25 ) .

And let his prayer become sin,
let it be fruitless and in vain; and so far from being heard, let it he treated as an abomination; let it be considered as an aggravation of his crime, as Haman's was, ( est 7:7 est 7:8 ) , let his prayer being without faith in the blood of Christ, be reckoned sinful, as it was; let his cries, and tears, and repentance issue in desperation, and that in sin, as it did in destroying himself, ( Matthew 27:5 ) .


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