Psalms 118:19

Psalms 118:19

Open to me the gates of righteousness
The doors of the sanctuary or tabernacle, so called, because none but righteous persons might enter in at them, or who were clean in a ceremonial sense; and because sacrifices of righteousness were here offered. The words are addressed to the porters, or Levites, that kept the doors of the tabernacle, to open them. The Targum is,

``open to me the gates of the city of righteousness;''

Jerusalem, so called ( Isaiah 1:26 ) ; the gates of which were opened to David, when he took it from the Jebusites. An emblem of the church or city of God, the gates of which are opened to the righteous to enter into now; and of the New Jerusalem, and of the heavenly glory, into which the saints will have an abundant entrance hereafter; see ( Isaiah 26:1 Isaiah 26:2 ) ( Revelation 22:14 ) . Moreover, these may be the words of the Messiah, requiring the gates of heaven to be opened to him by his blood, he having obtained redemption for his people; see ( Psalms 24:7-10 ) ;

I will go in to them, [and] I will praise the Lord:
at the gates of the tabernacle David entered, and praised the Lord for his deliverance and salvation, and for the many favours and honours bestowed on him; and in the church of God do the saints praise him, as they will do in heaven to all eternity; and where Christ, as man, is praising his divine Father, ( Psalms 22:22 Psalms 22:25 ) .

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