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Psalms 118:28

Psalms 118:28

Thou [art] my God, and I will praise thee
These are the words of David, asserting his interest in God as his covenant God; and which is the great blessing of the covenant, and the greatest happiness of men, and will always continue; and for which there is abundant reason for praise: it is an instance of distinguishing grace, all evidence or everlasting love, and the foundation of all comfort and happiness here and hereafter;

[thou art] my God, one will exalt thee;
in my heart, and with my lips; and call upon others to join with me in it, as in ( Psalms 118:29 ) . The Targum is,

``thou art my God, and I will confess before thee; thou art my God, and I will praise thee, said David: Samuel replied, and said, Praise, O ye congregation of Israel;''

who are addressed in the next words.
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