Psalms 119:45

Psalms 119:45

And I will walk at liberty
Not in licentious way, but in Gospel liberty, under the influence of the free spirit; where is liberty, in the exercise of grace and discharge of duty. Or, "I will walk at large" F7; or, "in a broad way", as Aben Ezra and Kimchi supply it: not in the broad road that leads to destruction, but in the law of God, which is exceeding broad, ( Psalms 119:96 ) ; as the Targum,

``in the breadth of the law.''

So a man walks when he walks in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord: and who also may be said to walk at large when delivered out of straits and difficulties; when he is brought into a large place, and his steps are enlarged under him; and having his heart enlarged with the love of God, and fear of him, and with spiritual joy, and having every grace in exercise, he not only walks in, but runs the way of God's commandments; see ( Psalms 119:32 ) ; and (See Gill on Psalms 118:5);

for I seek thy precepts;
out of love and affection to them, to know more of them, the mind and will of God in them, and to practise them.


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