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Psalms 22:25

Psalms 22:25

My praise [shall be] of thee in the great congregation
Or, "my praise is from thee" F15; not that he should have praise of God, as he had, when he was received up into heaven, and set down at the right hand of God; but that God should be the object of his praise, as he was the cause of it; his salvation and deliverance of him, and resurrection from the dead, and exaltation of him, were the occasion and matter of it: the place where Christ determined to praise the Lord is "the great congregation"; either his apostles, who, though a little flock, yet, on account of their extraordinary office and gifts, and peculiar privileges, were the greatest congregation that ever was in the world; or the five hundred brethren to whom Christ appeared at once after his resurrection; or else the whole church under the Gospel dispensation; in the midst of which Christ is, and who in the members of it praises the name of the Lord; and this especially will have its accomplishment at the latter day, when great multitudes will be converted, and the voice of praise and thanksgiving will be among them, ( Revelation 7:9 Revelation 7:10 ) ( 11:15 ) ( Revelation 14:1 Revelation 14:2 ) ( Revelation 19:1 Revelation 19:5 Revelation 19:6 ) ;

I will pay my vows before them that fear him;
either those which he made in the council and covenant of grace, when he engaged to become a surety for his people, to assume their nature, to suffer and die for them, to redeem them from sin and misery, and bring them nigh to God, and save them with an everlasting salvation; all which he has openly done; see ( Psalms 31:19 ) ; or those which he made in ( Psalms 22:21 ) ; that he would declare the name of the Lord unto his brethren, and sing praise unto him in the midst of the church; compare with this ( Psalms 116:12-14 ) .


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