Psalms 33:2

Psalms 33:2

Praise the Lord with harp
An instrument David was well skilled in the use of, the inventor of which was Jubal, ( Genesis 4:21 ) ;

sing unto, him with the psaltery;
the name of this instrument is in the Hebrew language "nebel": the account which Josephus F23 gives of this, and of the former, is,

``the harp is extended with ten strings, and is plucked with a quill; the "nabla", or psaltery, has twelve sounds, and is played upon with the fingers;''

some make this and the next to be the same:

[and] an instrument of ten strings;
and read them together thus, "with the psaltery of ten strings": and so the Targum, Septuagint, and other versions F24: but it seems from Josephus that it was not a stringed instrument, but had holes, and those twelve; and besides it is distinguished from the instrument of ten strings, ( Psalms 92:3 ) ; it was in the form of a bottle, from whence it had its name.


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