Psalms 51:19

Psalms 51:19

Then shall thou be pleased with the sacrifices of
Which must be different from the legal ones he desired not, and did not delight in, ( Psalms 51:16 ) ; but design sacrifices under the Gospel dispensation, as the word "then" shows, which connects this verse with ( Psalms 51:18 ) : and in the first place intend the sacrifice of Christ, which is of a sweet smelling savour to God; and his righteousness, with which he is well pleased, because the law is magnified and made honourable by it; and next the saints themselves, who present their bodies to him a holy, living, and acceptable sacrifice, they being accepted with him in Christ the beloved; as also their good works, particularly acts of charity and beneficence, with which sacrifices God is well pleased; and especially the spiritual sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving, which are acceptable to him through Jesus Christ; as all are that are offered in faith through him, and from love, and with a view to the glory of God; see ( Ephesians 5:2 ) ( Romans 12:1 ) ( Hebrews 13:15 Hebrews 13:16 ) ;

with burnt offering, and whole burnt offering;
the difference between these two, according to Aben Ezra and Kimchi, was, that the (hlwe) , "olah", or "burnt offering", was the daily sacrifice; and the additional ones, which were of beasts and birds, ( Leviticus 1:1-17 ) , and the (lylk) , "calil", was the meat offering of the priests, which was wholly consumed, ( Leviticus 6:22 Leviticus 6:23 ) ; though this also is sometimes used of beasts, ( 1 Samuel 7:9 ) ; and both may signify love to God, and to our neighbour; or a man's devoting himself to the Lord in the flames of love, as a whole burnt offering to him, and which is better than all burnt offerings, ( Mark 12:33 ) ;

then shall they offer bullocks upon thine altar;
or "calves" F18; meaning the calves of the lips, ( Hosea 14:2 ) ; interpreted the fruit of the lips, even giving thanks to the name of God, ( Hebrews 13:16 ) ; which sacrifices of praise being offered up on the altar Christ, come with acceptance before God, ( Hebrews 13:10 Hebrews 13:16 ) ( Isaiah 56:7 ) .


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