\\INTRODUCTION TO PSALM 54\\ \\<>\\ Of the word "neginoth", \\see Gill on "Ps 4:1"\\, title; and of "maschil", \\see Gill on "Ps 32:1"\\, title. The occasion of writing this psalm were the discoveries the Ziphims or Ziphites made to Saul of David being in their neighbourhood; which they did twice, as appears from \\#1Sa 23:14,19 26:1\\. Which of these gave occasion to the psalm is not certain; it is very likely that it was composed after both had been made. These Ziphims were the inhabitants of a city called Ziph, which was in the tribe of Judah, \\#Jos 15:55\\, near to which was a wilderness, which had its name from the city in which David was when they came to Saul with this news of him.