\\INTRODUCTION TO PSALM 59\\ \\<>\\. The history of Saul's sending messengers to watch the house of David, and to kill him when he rose in the morning, is in \\#1Sa 19:11\\; which was the occasion of his writing this psalm; though the title of the Syriac version of it is, ``David said or composed this, when he heard that the priests were slain by Saul:'' and in the same is added, ``but unto us it declares the conversion of the Gentiles to the faith, and the rejection of the Jews.'' And which perhaps is designed in \\#Ps 59:5,13\\; and some interpreters are of opinion that the whole psalm is to be understood of Christ, of whom David was a type, especially in his sufferings; and there are some things in it which better agree with him than with David, as particularly his being without sin, \\#Ps 59:3\\.