Psalms 62:2

Psalms 62:2

He only [is] my Rock and my salvation
The Rock on which the church is built, and every believer; and which was David's safety, shelter, and shade, and which made him easy in his present state; and he was the author of his salvation, and the rock and strength of it, ( Psalms 95:1 ) ;

[he is] my defence;
or refuge; see ( Psalms 9:9 ) ( 46:7 ) ( Psalms 59:9 Psalms 59:17 ) ;

I shall not be greatly moved;
or "with much motion", as Kimchi; or "with great motions", as Jarchi: he could not be moved off of the rock on which he was built; nor out of the city of refuge, whither he had betook himself for safety; and though he might be troubled in spirit, and shaken in mind, and staggered in his faith, and fall from some degree of steadfastness of it; yet not fall so as to be utterly cast down, or finally and totally, and so as to perish eternally. Aben Ezra interprets it, "shall not be moved" into the great deep; into the abyss or bottomless pit; and so some of the ancient Midrashes expound (hbd) of "hell" F7; but much better is the Targum,

``I shall not be moved in a day of great affliction;''

see ( Acts 20:23 Acts 20:24 ) ( 1 Thessalonians 3:3 ) .


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