Psalms 64:5

Psalms 64:5

They encourage themselves [in] an evil matter
Or "strengthen him" F3; that is, Saul, by making use of arguments and reasonings to induce him to go on in his wicked persecution of David; or they strengthened and hardened themselves in their wickedness, as Saul's courtiers and the enemies of Christ did, and as all wicked men do, when they observe the sentence against them is not speedily executed, ( Ecclesiastes 8:11 ) ;

they commune of laying snares privily;
that is, they conversed together, and consulted how to lay snares for the perfect man in the most private manner, that they might entrap him and destroy him;

they say, who shall see them?
either the snares laid, or the persons that laid them? None; no, not even God himself; see ( Psalms 10:11 Psalms 10:14 ) .


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