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This psalm is without a title, but is thought to be David's: the
Septuagint and Vulgate Latin versions, and all the Oriental ones,
ascribe it to him; and both the subject and style show it to be his.
According to the title of the Syriac version, it was composed by him
when Saul made war against the house of David; but this is not likely,
since it was written by him in his old age, \\#Ps 71:9,18\\; rather,
according to Kimchi and Arama, it was penned when he fled from his son
Absalom: there are several things in it which incline to this. The
Septuagint and Vulgate Latin versions call it

``A Psalm of David, of the sons of Jonadab, and of the first
that were carried captive;''

and so the Ethiopic and Arabic versions. Apollinarius says the sons of
Jonadab composed it; but without any foundation for it; and the Syriac
version is, it is a prophecy concerning the sufferings and resurrection
of the Messiah; and so Jerom and others interpret it. The literal
meaning respecting David seems best, though it may be applied to the
church, and to any believer in distress. Theodoret thinks it was
written by David in the person of the captives in Babylon.

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