Psalms 75:8

Psalms 75:8

For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup
Another reason why men should not act haughtily and arrogantly; for by the cup are meant afflictions, calamities, and judgments, which are measured out in proportion to men's sins, and are of God's appointing, and in his hands, and at his disposal

and the wine is red;
an emblem of the wrath of God this cup is full of, as it is explained, ( Revelation 14:10 ) , where there is a reference to this passage; for it is a cup of fury, of trembling, and of indignation: ( Isaiah 51:17 ) ( Jeremiah 25:15 ) ,

it is full of mixture;
has many ingredients in it, dreadful and shocking ones, though it is sometimes said to be without mixture, ( Revelation 14:10 ) , without any allay, alluding to the mixing of wine with water in the eastern countries; see ( Proverbs 9:2 ) ,

and he poureth out of the same;
his judgments upon men in this world, in all ages; on some more, others less, as their sins call for, or his infinite wisdom judges meet and proper:

but the dregs thereof all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out
and drink them;
the whole cup that God has measured out and filled up shall be poured out at last, and all be drank up; the very dregs of it by the wicked of the world, when they shall be punished with everlasting destruction in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: this will be the portion of their cup, ( Psalms 11:6 ) .