Psalms 78:4

Psalms 78:4

We will not hide them from their children
The children of the Jewish fathers, but faithfully publish and declare them, as Christ and his apostles did; or the children of God and Christ, their spiritual seed and offspring:

showing to the generation to come;
and so in all successive ages, by the ministration of the word, and the Spirit attending it; see ( Psalms 22:30 Psalms 22:31 ) ( 48:13 ) ,

the praises of the Lord;
what he has done in predestination, redemption, and effectual calling, which is to the praise of the glory of his grace, ( Ephesians 1:6 ) , and so all other truths of the Gospel, which are to the praise of Father, Son, and Spirit, and engage men to show it forth:

and his strength displayed;
in Christ, the man of his right hand, made strong for himself, and in the redemption wrought out by him, as well as in the conversion of sinners by his mighty grace, and in the preservation of them by his power:

and his wonderful works that he hath done;
in providence and grace; the miracles wrought by Christ, which were the wonderful works given him to finish, as proofs of his deity and Messiahship, and are testified in the Gospel for the confirmation of it; and especially the wonders of redeeming love, and calling grace, which are peculiarly to be ascribed unto him as the works his hands have wrought, and the wonderful decrees of God he made in eternity concerning these things.