Psalms 8:8

Psalms 8:8

The fowl of the air
These he rained about the tents of the Israelites for their relief, ( Psalms 78:27 ) , and can command them to feed his people, as the ravens did Elijah, ( 1 Kings 17:4 1 Kings 17:6 ) ; or to destroy his enemies, ( Jeremiah 15:3 ) ; see ( Psalms 50:10 Psalms 50:11 ) ;

and the fish of the sea:
instances of Christ's power over them, and of their being at his command, and for his service, may be seen in ( Matthew 17:27 ) ( Luke 5:5 Luke 5:6 ) ( John 21:3 John 21:6 ) ;

[and whatsoever] passeth through the paths of the seas:
some F11 understand this of ships, made by the wisdom and art of men, in which they pass through the paths of the sea, and fish in the midst of it. The Targum paraphrases it, "and leviathan, which passes through the paths of the sea". Compare with this ( Isaiah 27:1 ) . Some interpret all these things in a figurative and allegorical way; and some of the ancients by "sheep" understood believers among the Gentiles; by "oxen", the Jews; by "the beasts of the field", idolaters and profane persons; "by the fowls of the air", angels; and by "the fish of the sea", devils: but these are much better explained by Cocceius, who, by "sheep", understands common members of the churches; by "oxen", those that labour in the word and doctrine; by "the beasts of the field", aliens from the city and kingdom of God; men fierce and cruel, ( Isaiah 11:6-8 ) ( 65:25 ) ; by "the fowl of the air", such as are tilted up with pride and vanity; and by "the fish of the sea", such as are immersed in worldly pleasures. But it is best to interpret the whole literally; from whence may be observed, that what was lost by the first Adam is restored by the second; and that believers have a free use of all the creatures through Christ: and not only the things here mentioned are subject to him, but everything else; there is nothing left that is not put under him, only he is excepted that put all things under him, ( Hebrews 2:8 ) ( 1 Corinthians 15:27 ) .


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