Psalms 80:9

Psalms 80:9

Thou preparedst room before it
By sending the hornet before the Israelites, and driving the Canaanites out of the land, ( Exodus 23:28 ) and so the Targum,

``thou didst remove from before thee the Canaanites;''

which made way and room for them: and thus the Lord prepared room for his interest, church, and people, in the Gentile world, in the first times of Christianity, by sending the Gospel into all parts of it, and making it successful, and still there is room, ( Luke 14:22 )

and didst cause it to take deep root;
which denotes the settlement of the people of Israel in Canaan, in church and state, as a body ecclesiastic and politic; so believers, being rooted in Christ, are grounded, settled, and established in him, and in a Gospel church state, and so become fruitful; see ( Colossians 2:7 ) ( Isaiah 27:6 )

and it filled the land;
with people, who, in the days of Solomon, were as the sand of the sea, ( 1 Kings 4:20 ) and so the Gentile world was filled with Christian converts in the first times of the Gospel; and the interest and church of Christ will fill the whole world another day, ( Isaiah 11:9 ) ( Daniel 2:35 ) .