Psalms 86:15

Psalms 86:15

But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion
Or merciful F20, in the most affectionate and tender manner, as a parent to its child, or particularly as a mother to the son of her womb; and is rich and plenteous in his mercy, and freely bestows it; and this was the support of the psalmist under his troubles from his enemies, that though they were cruel the Lord was merciful:

and gracious;
so he has been in eternity, as appears by his election of grace, by the covenant of his grace, and the provisions of it in his Son; and so he is in time, as is manifest from his kindness in Christ Jesus, from his justification, pardon, adoption, effectual calling and salvation of his people, which are all of grace;

not only to wicked men, but to his chosen ones; which longsuffering of his is salvation to them; he bears with them, and waits to be gracious to them, to bring them to repentance, and save them, ( 2 Peter 3:9 2 Peter 3:15 ) ,

plenteous in mercy; or goodness; (See Gill on Psalms 86:5), and truth: in fulfilling promises; see ( Exodus 34:6 ) , to which these words refer.


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