Psalms 89:21

Psalms 89:21

With whom my hand shall be established
A promise of God's gracious presence with Christ, as man and Mediator, which is his work; of a communication of grace and strength from him, to carry him through it; and of his supporting and upholding him under it; which hand of his power and grace would be always prepared and ready for him, as the word F1 signifies, and stable and firm with him, so that he should have success in it; the pleasure of the Lord should prosper in his hand; so the Targum,

``for my hands are prepared for his help;''

the Septuagint, Vulgate Latin, and all the eastern versions, "mine hand shall help him"; and which is confirmed in the next words: mine arm also shall strengthen him; in the human nature, subject to and encompassed with infirmities: this shows the greatness of the work of man's redemption, which no creature could effect; it required the arm and power of the Lord to be exerted, and by which Christ was made strong by the Lord, both for himself, and for the working out of salvation for us; which he did when he travelled in the greatness of his strength, standing up under the mighty weight of our sins, and the wrath of God; and yet failed not, nor was he discouraged, till his own arm brought salvation to him; see ( Psalms 80:17 ) ( Isaiah 42:1 Isaiah 42:4 ) ( Isaiah 63:1 Isaiah 63:5 ) .


F1 (Nwkt) "parate erit", Musculus, Muis; so the Targum.