Psalms 94:21

Psalms 94:21

They gather themselves together
As "in troops" F8, as the word signifies; in great armies; so the antichristian kings and states will, at the instigation of Popish emissaries; see ( Revelation 16:17 ) ( 19:19 ) ,

against the soul of the righteous;
or "the life" of them; in order to take away their lives; to cut them off, root and branch, and destroy at once the whole interest of Christ; for it will be to make war with him, and them his followers, who are the righteous here meant, made so by his righteousness, that they will be gathered together in such great numbers:

and condemn the innocent blood;
condemn innocent persons to death, shed their blood, and drink it, and to such a degree as to be drunk with it; for in them will be found the blood of the prophets and saints, and of all that are slain on earth, ( Revelation 17:6 ) ( 18:24 ) .


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