This chapter is a preparation to the pouring out of the seven vials,
and contains a vision of the seven angels in heaven that should do
this work, of a chorus of harpers on this occasion, and of the same
seven angels coming out of the temple, and receiving the vials, in
order to execute their commission. The vision of the seven angels,
having the seven last plagues, so called because filled up with the
wrath of God, is said to be a sign, great and marvellous, \\#Re 15:1\\ a
sea of glass, mingled with fire, is seen, with persons standing on
it, described by the victory they had got over the beast, his image,
mark, and number of his name; by having the harps of God in their
hands, and by the song they sung, called the song of Moses, and of
the Lamb; in which they ascribe to Christ deity, dominion over the
saints, omnipotence, justice, truth, and holiness; give him glory,
celebrate his works, commend his ways, and suggest that he ought to
be the object of the fear and worship of all, \\#Re 15:2-4\\. Next
the temple in heaven is seen opened, out of which come the seven
angels, described by the place they came from, the temple; by what
they had, the seven plagues; by their habit, clothed in pure white
linen; and by their golden girdles about their breasts, \\#Re 15:5,6\\
to whom one of the four living creatures, made mention of in \\#Re 4:6\\
delivers to them seven golden vials full of divine wrath, upon which
the temple is filled with smoke from the Lord; so that it was not
possible for anyone to enter into it, until these seven plagues
were ended, \\#Re 15:7,8\\.