This chapter gives an account of the pouring out of the seven vials by
the angels; their orders for it are in \\#Re 16:1\\. The first angel
pours out his vial on the earth, the effect of which is a noisome and
grievous sore upon the followers of antichrist, and the worshippers of
his image, \\#Re 16:2\\. The second pours out his upon the sea; the
events of it are, the sea became blood, and every living creature in it
died, \\#Re 16:3\\. The third pours out his upon the rivers and
fountains of water, which thereby became blood; upon which the angel of
the waters applauds the justice of God, declaring the righteousness of
his judgments, and giving a reason for it; and which is confirmed by
another angel from the altar, \\#Re 16:4-7\\. The fourth angel pours
out his vial on the sun, the effects of which are, scorching men with
heat, their blasphemy against God, and impenitence, \\#Re 16:8,9\\. The
fifth pours out his on the seat of the beast, the consequences of which
are darkness in his kingdom, men gnawing their tongues because of their
pains, their blasphemy of the name of God because of them, and their
impenitence, \\#Re 16:10,11\\. The sixth angel pours out his on the
river Euphrates, and what followed upon it are, the drying up of that
river to make way for the kings of the east; there unclean spirits are
seen, described by their original, coming out of the mouths of the
dragon, beast, and false prophet; by their form, like frogs; by their
internal nature, spirits of devils; by their works, doing miracles; by
the errand they are sent, and go upon, to gather the kings of the earth
to the battle of God Almighty, which they succeed in; but before this
is done, a declaration is made of the suddenness of Christ's coming,
exciting the saints to watchfulness, and to keep their garments, that
they might not be naked, and exposed to shame, \\#Re 16:12-16\\ Then
the seventh angel pours out his vial into the air, the consequences of
which are, a voice from heaven declaring it is done: other voices,
thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake; a rupture of the great city
into three parts; the fall of other cities; the remembrance of Babylon
before God; the flight of every island and mountain, and a great
hail storm, which causes men to blaspheme God, \\#Re 16:17-21\\.