This chapter contains the binding of Satan, the saints'
thousand years' reign with Christ, the loosing of Satan again, the
destruction of him, and the Gog and Magog army, and the last
judgment: the angel that is to bind Satan is described by his
descent from heaven; by his having the key of the bottomless pit,
and a great chain in his hand; and by the use he made of them,
laying hold on Satan, binding him, casting him into the bottomless
pit, and then shutting it up, and setting a seal on him; by all
which he will be prevented from deceiving the nations for the space
of a thousand years, \\#Re 20:1-3\\. After this thrones are seen,
with persons on them, to whom judgment is given; who are said to be
such as had been martyrs for Jesus, and had not worshipped the
beast, or professed his religion; whose happiness is represented by
living and reigning with Christ a thousand years, when others will
not; the second death will have no power on them; they will be the
priests of God, and Christ, and reign with him during the said term,
having a part in the first resurrection, \\#Re 20:4-6\\. At the
expiration of which term Satan will be loosed, and go out of prison,
deceive the nations, and gather Gog and Magog to battle; who, being
exceeding numerous, will cover the breadth of the earth, encompass
the camp and city of the saints, when fire will come down from
heaven and destroy them, and Satan will be cast into the lake of
fire, where the beast and false prophet are, and be tormented for
ever and ever, \\#Re 20:7-10\\. And next an account is given of the
general Judgment; and the judge is described by the throne he sat
on, a white cloud, and by his majesty, which is such, that the
heavens and the earth flee from before him, \\#Re 20:11\\. And next the
persons judged are described by their common state, the dead; by
their age or condition, great and small, and by their position,
standing before God; and then an account of the procedure, or rule
of judgment; the books are opened, and the execution of judgment
according to what is found in the books, \\#Re 20:12\\ in order to which
the sea, death, and the grave, give up the dead in them, and the two
last are cast into the lake, and with them those who are not in the
book of life, \\#Re 20:13,14\\.

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