This chapter contains a further account of the above city, a
confirmation of the visions of this book, and the conclusion of it.
The city is further described by the river that ran by it, or through
it, called a river of water of life, said to be pure and clear as
crystal, and to have its rise from the throne of God and the Lamb; and
by the tree of life in the midst of it, situated on each side the
river, bearing twelve sorts of fruit, yielded every month, the leaves
of which heal the nations, \\#Re 22:1,2\\ and the happiness of the
inhabitants of it is set forth, by there being no curse in it; by the
throne of God and the Lamb being in it; by the service of the saints
in it; by the pleasure they enjoy, and the honour put upon them; by
the light of the place, and the duration of the saints' reign,
\\#Re 22:3-5\\ next follow testimonies concerning the authority of the
book, and the truth of things in it; and first, the testimony of the angel
that talked with John, declaring that the things in it were true and
faithful; and that he was sent from the Lord God of the prophets to
show to the saints things that would quickly come to pass; and that
Christ himself would quickly come; and that they were happy who kept
and observed the sayings and prophecies of it, \\#Re 22:6,7\\ then the
testimony of John who saw and heard them, and was about to worship the
angel that declared them, but was forbid by him, and dissuaded from
it, by observing to him who he was, a fellow servant of his and of his
brethren, and that God only was to be worshipped, \\#Re 22:8,9\\ who
is ordered, as it seems by Christ, not to seal up the prophecies
delivered to him, since the time of their fulfilment was at hand, when
men would remain just as they were, whether ungodly and filthy, or
righteous and holy, \\#Re 22:10,11\\ and who declares that he should
quickly come to reward every man according to his works; and that he
was the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the
last; and that they were happy that did his commandments, since it
would appear they had a right to the tree of life, and to entrance
through the gates into the city before described, when wicked men,
whose characters are given, would be without, \\#Re 22:12-15\\ and
still more clearly and fully Christ asserts himself to be the author
of this revelation, and the sender of the angel, to testify it to the
church, who is David's root and offspring, and the morning star, whose
coming is to be wished for by the Spirit and bride, and every truly
gracious soul, \\#Re 22:16,17\\ and to show the perfection and
authority of this book, as well as of the whole Scripture, and to
deter persons from adding to it, or taking from it, he threatens to
inflict on such persons the plagues herein written, and to take the
names of such out of the book of life, out of the holy city, and from
the things written in this book, \\#Re 22:18,19\\ and then he delivers
out a fresh asseveration of his speedy coming, to which John adds his
hearty "Amen", and earnest request that he would come quickly; and the
book is concluded with a benediction usual in the epistles, especially
in those of the Apostle Paul, \\#Re 22:20,21\\.

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