Revelation 4:9

Revelation 4:9

And when these beasts give glory
When they give God the glory of all his perfections, covenant, and promises, and of all the gifts and grace bestowed on them, and of the success of their ministry; and in it glorify Father, Son, and Spirit, who bear their respective parts in the business of salvation; and ascribe to each their due glory in election, redemption, and sanctification:

and honour;
in the several parts of religious worship performed by them; and not with their lips only, but with their hearts also:

and thanks;
for all blessings, temporal and spiritual, bestowed on them, and on the saints: even

to him that sat on the throne;
God the Father, ( Revelation 4:3 ) ;

who liveth for ever and ever;
he who is the living God, and will always continue so.