This chapter contains an account of the second vision John saw, as
preparatory to the sealed book, and the opening of it, as the first
vision was to the epistles to the seven churches. The preface to
this vision, or the introduction to it, and preparation of John for
it, are in \\#Re 4:1,2\\, which declare the time of it, the position
John was in, what he saw and heard, a call to him to come up, and
the effect it had upon him; and then follows the vision itself,
which is of a throne, described by the place where it was set, in
heaven; and by him that sat upon it, \\#Re 4:2\\, who was like to a
jasper and a sardine stone; and by what was about it, first a
rainbow of an emerald colour, \\#Re 4:3\\, then four and twenty seats,
with as many elders upon them, sitting clothed and crowned, \\#Re 4:4\\,
and by what went out from it, lightnings, thunderings, and voices;
and by what were before it, seven burning lamps, which are the seven
spirits of God, \\#Re 4:5\\, and a sea of glass like crystal; and by
what were between it all around, and the elders, four living
creatures, described in general by their being full of eyes, before
and behind, \\#Re 4:6\\, in particular, the first by its likeness to a
lion, the second by its likeness to a calf, the third by its
likeness to a man, and the fourth by its likeness to a flying eagle,
\\#Re 4:7\\, and by what were common to them, first by their wings, of
which they had each of them six; and by their eyes, they were full
of within; and by their constant employment in celebrating the
perfections of God, and in giving glory, honour, and thanks unto
him, \\#Re 4:8,9\\, at which time also the four and twenty elders
appear in a worshipping posture, and give adoration to God; partly
by deeds, casting their crowns before his throne; and partly by words,
ascribing glory, honour, and power to him; giving a reason for it,
taken from his creating all things for his pleasure, \\#Re 4:10,11\\.