This chapter contains the vision of the sealed book, and the opening
of it by Christ, which occasions universal joy among all ranks and
sorts of creatures. The book is described by the place where it was,
in the right hand of God; by the uncommon manner in which it was
written within and without; and by the seven seals it was sealed
with, \\#Re 5:1\\, next follows a proclamation made by a mighty angel,
with a loud voice, to find out a person worthy and able to open this
book, and loose its seals, \\#Re 5:2\\, upon which a declaration is
made, that none could be found in heaven, earth, or hell, \\#Re 5:3\\,
which had such an effect upon John, that it set him a weeping,
\\#Re 5:4\\, but was comforted by one of the elders suggesting, that
there was a person that could, and would do it, when he calls the lion
of the tribe of Judah, and the root of David, which are names of
Christ, \\#Re 5:5\\, of which he was assured by what he quickly saw,
namely, the same person the elder spoke of, described by his
position, standing between the throne, and the living creatures, and
elders; and by his similitude and likeness, as a Lamb that had been
lately slain, with seven horns and eyes in him; and by what he did,
he went and took the book out of the right hand of God, his Father,
\\#Re 5:6,7\\. This occasioned a general joy among all kind of
creatures; first among the four living creatures, and
four and twenty elders, who are described by what they had, harps
and golden vials, the one for praise, the other for prayer; and by
what they did, they fell down in a worshipping posture before the
Lamb, and sung the new song of redeeming love to him; in which they
ascribe worthiness to him, to take the book and open its seals;
declare their redemption unto God, by his blood, out of all nations
of the earth; take notice of the honour done them by him, in making
them kings and priests to God; and express their assurance that they
shall reign with him on earth, \\#Re 5:8-10\\, and next an innumerable
company of angels join the living creatures and elders, in a doxology
or ascription of glory to him, \\#Re 5:11,12\\, yea, every creature in
heaven and earth, upon it, and under it, and in the sea, are introduced
as giving glory both to him that sat upon the throne, and to the Lamb,
\\#Re 5:13\\, and the whole is closed by the living creatures saying
"Amen", to all, and by the elders prostrating themselves, and
worshipping the living and eternal God, \\#Re 5:14\\.