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Romans 15:11

Romans 15:11

And again
It is written in ( Psalms 117:1 ) ,

praise the Lord all ye Gentiles, and laud him all ye people;
that is, praise him both Jews and Gentiles, for his merciful kindness and truth, as in ( Romans 15:2 ) ; the Gentiles for his mercy in choosing, redeeming, and calling them, as before; and the Jews for his truth and faithfulness in the fulfilment of his praises. R. David Kimchi on this psalm observes, that

``it consists of two verses only, and that it belongs (xyvmh) (twmyl) , "to the days of the Messiah"; and intimates, by the composition of it in two verses only, that all people shall be divided into two parts, or be on two sides, Israel shall be in their law, and all the nations in seven precepts,''

i.e. of Noah.
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