Romans 4:12

Romans 4:12

And the father of circumcision
So the Jews call Abraham (Mylwmynh var) F12, "the head of those that are circumcised"; and (Mylwml var) F13, "the head to them that are circumcised"; but the apostle here says, he is a father

to them who are not of the circumcision only;
not to the Jews only, in a spiritual sense, and not to all of them, since some were "of Israel", who were not Israel, not Israelites indeed, or true believers;

but [to such] also [who] walk in the steps of that faith of our
father Abraham, which he had, being yet uncircumcised;
that is, who have the same faith he had; imitate and follow him in the exercise of faith; walk by faith, as he did when he was uncircumcised, as they are; and so the Jews say F14,

``Abraham is the father of all, (wtnwmab wyrxa Myab) , "that go after him in his faith".''


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