Ruth 2:10

Ruth 2:10

Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground,
&c.] In great humility, and under a deep sense of the favour done her, and as showing the greatest respect, in a civil manner, she was capable of:

and said unto him, why have I found grace in thine eyes:
how is it that one so mean and unworthy should have such favour shown?

that thou shouldest take knowledge of me;
take such notice of her, show such affection to her, and bestow such kindness on her:

seeing I am a stranger?
not a citizen of Bethlehem, nor indeed one of the commonwealth of Israel; but, as the Targum,

``of a strange people, of the daughters of Moab, and of a people who were not fit and worthy to enter into the congregation of the Lord.''
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