In this chapter we have an account of Ruth's gleaning corn in the
fields of Boaz, a relation of Naomi, \\#Ru 2:1-3\\, and of Boaz coming
to his reapers, whom he saluted in a very kind manner; and observing a
woman gleaning after them, inquired of them who she was, and they
informed him, \\#Ru 2:4-9\\, upon which he addressed himself to her,
and gave her leave to glean in his field, and desired her to go nowhere
else, and bid her eat and drink with his servants, \\#Ru 2:8-14\\ and
gave directions to his servants to let her glean, and to let fall some
of the handfuls on purpose, that she might gather them up,
\\#Ru 2:15-17\\ and then an account is given of her returning to her
mother-in-law with her gleanings, to whom she related where she had
gleaned, who was owner of the field, and what he had said to her, upon
which Naomi gave her advice, \\#Ru 2:18-23\\.

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