Ruth 3:14

Ruth 3:14

And she lay at his feet until the morning
In the same place where she first lay herself down:

and she rose up before one could know another,
because of the darkness, as the Targum, it not being yet break of day:

and he said, let it not be known that a woman came into the floor,
to whom he spoke these words is not said, perhaps to Ruth, whom he might call to arise so early as she did, before one could know another, and distinguish a man from a woman; and so sent her away, and bid her be cautious, as much as in her lay, that it might not be known she had been there; for though they were both conscious of their purity and chastity, yet it became them to be careful of their good name, and to prevent scandal upon them, or hinder the nearer kinsman from doing his part, who might refuse upon hearing that Boaz and Ruth had been together; or this was said to his young men, as the Targum adds, charging them to let no one know of it; which is not so likely: it is the sense of some Jewish writers F1, that Boaz said this in his heart, in an ejaculatory prayer to God, entreating that affair might be a secret, that it might not be known that a woman had been in the floor that night, lest the name of God should be blasphemed, and he and Ruth be wrongfully reproached.


F1 Midrash Ruth, fol. 34. 14. so some in Abendana in Miclol Yophi in loc.