Here begins a new colloquy between Christ and his church; in which they
alternately set forth the excellencies of each other; and express their
mutual affection for, and delight and pleasure they take in, each
other's company. Christ seems to begin, in an account of himself and
his own excellencies, and of the church in her present state,
\\#So 2:1,2\\; then she, in her turn, praises him, and commends him above
all others relates some choice proofs she had had of his love to her,
and of communion with him in his house and ordinances, to such a degree
as to overcome her, \\#So 2:3-6\\; and then either he or she gives a
charge to the daughters of Jerusalem, not to disturb either the one or
the other in their sweet repose, \\#So 2:7\\. Next the church relates how
she heard the voice of Christ, and had a sight of him on the hills and
mountains, at some distance; then more nearly, behind her wall, and
through the lattices, \\#So 2:8,9\\; and expresses the very words in which
he spake to her, and gave her a call to come away with him; making use
of arguments from the season of the year, the signs of which are
beautifully described, \\#So 2:10-13\\; and requests that she would come
out of her solitude, that he might enjoy her company, whose countenance
and voice are so delightful to him; and gives a charge to her and her
friends, to seize on such as were harmful and prejudicial to their
mutual property, \\#So 2:14,15\\. And she closes the chapter with
expressing her faith of interest in Christ; and with a petition for his
speedy approach to her, and continued presence with her, \\#So 2:16,17\\.

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