In this chapter are prophecies concerning the purification of the
penitent Jews before spoken of; the removal of idols, and false
prophets, out of the earth; the death of Christ; the destruction of the
greater part of men, and the salvation of a few of them. The cleansing
of such that mourn for sin, in a fountain opened for that purpose, is
spoken of, \\#Zec 13:1\\ the utter abolition of idols, and false prophets,
and unclean spirits, is affirmed, \\#Zec 13:2\\ the parents of false
prophets will forbid them to prophesy; they themselves will be ashamed
of their visions; they will throw off the rough garment, which was a
token of their being prophets, and by which they deceived: they will
confess they are no prophets, and what they are, and own the wounds they
have received from their friends on that account, \\#Zec 13:3-6\\ and
whereas the Messiah, as pierced and crucified, is spoken of in the
preceding chapter \\#Zec 12:10\\, whose blood is the cleansing fountain
mentioned in this, an account is given of his death; who is described by
his office, the Shepherd of the Lord; and by his natures, human and
divine, the Man his fellow; his death is signified by smiting with the
sword, which was done by the order of the Lord; the consequences of
which were the scattering of the sheep, and the turning of the hand of
the Lord upon them in a way of mercy, \\#Zec 13:7\\ and then it is declared
that two parts in three of the land should be cut off, and a third part
saved, but yet so as by fire, whom the Lord would own as his people, and
they should acknowledge him to be their God, \\#Zec 13:8,9\\.

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