This chapter contains a prophecy of the church under the Gospel
dispensation; of the largeness and numbers of it; and of its protection
and glory, through the presence of God in it. In this vision a man is
seen with a measuring line in his hand, to measure Jerusalem with,
\\#Zec 2:1,2\\ upon which an angel bids the angel that talked with the
prophet to declare to him the largeness, populousness, and safety of
Jerusalem, \\#Zec 2:3-5\\ then follows an exhortation to the people of
God to come out of Babylon, \\#Zec 2:6,7\\ and then a promise of the
calling of the Gentiles, and of God's gracious inhabitation in his
church, which would be matter of joy to Zion; and of his inheriting
Judah, and choosing Jerusalem \\#Zec 2:8-12\\ and the chapter is
concluded with an address to all mankind, to be silent before the Lord,
since he was raised up out of his habitation, \\#Zec 2:13\\.