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2 Chronicles 2

2 Chronicles 2:1 2 Chronicles 2:2 . SOLOMON'S LABORERS FOR BUILDING THE TEMPLE.

8. Send me . . . cedar trees, &c.--The cedar and cypress were valued as being both rare and durable; the algum or almug trees (likewise a foreign wood), though not found on Lebanon, are mentioned as being procured through Huram

10. behold, I will give to thy servants . . . beaten wheat--Wheat, stripped of the husk, boiled, and saturated with butter, forms a frequent meal with the laboring people in the East (compare 1 Kings 5:11 ). There is no discrepancy between that passage and this. The yearly supplies of wine and oil, mentioned in the former, were intended for Huram's court in return for the cedars sent him; while the articles of meat and drink specified here were for the workmen on Lebanon.

2 Chronicles 2:11-18 . HURAM'S KIND ANSWER.

11. Because the Lord hath loved his people, &c.--This pious language creates a presumption that Huram might have attained some knowledge of the true religion from his long familiar intercourse with David. But the presumption, however pleasing, may be delusive

13, 14. I have sent a cunning

17, 18. Solomon numbered all the strangers,

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