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Genesis 46


6. goods, which they had gotten in the land--not furniture, but substance--precious things.

7. daughters--As Dinah was his only daughter, this must mean daughters-in-law.
all his seed brought he with him--Though disabled by age from active superintendence, yet, as the venerable sheik of the tribe, he was looked upon as their common head and consulted in every step.

8-27. all the souls of the house of Jacob, which came into Egypt, were threescore and ten--Strictly speaking, there were only sixty-six went to Egypt; but to these add Joseph and his two sons, and Jacob the head of the clan, and the whole number amounts to seventy. In the speech of Stephen ( Acts 7:14 ) the number is stated to be seventy-five; but as that estimate includes five sons of Ephraim and Manasseh ( 1 Chronicles 7:14-20 ), born in Egypt, the two accounts coincide.

Genesis 46:28-34 . ARRIVAL TO EGYPT.

28. he sent Judah before him unto Joseph--This precautionary measure was obviously proper for apprising the king of the entrance of so large a company within his territories; moreover, it was necessary in order to receive instruction from Joseph as to the locale of their future settlement.

29, 30. Joseph made ready his chariot--The difference between chariot and wagon was not only in the lighter and more elegant construction of the former, but in the one being drawn by horses and the other by oxen. Being a public man in Egypt, Joseph was required to appear everywhere in an equipage suitable to his dignity; and, therefore, it was not owing either to pride or ostentatious parade that he drove his carriage, while his father's family were accommodated only in rude and humble wagons.
presented himself unto him--in an attitude of filial reverence (compare Exodus 22:17 ). The interview was a most affecting one--the happiness of the delighted father was now at its height; and life having no higher charms, he could, in the very spirit of the aged Simeon, have departed in peace [ Luke 2:25 Luke 2:29 ].

31-34. Joseph said, . . . I will go up, and show Pharaoh--It was a tribute of respect due to the king to inform him of their arrival. And the instructions which he gave them were worthy of his character alike as an affectionate brother and a religious man.

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