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Proverbs 25

Proverbs 25:1-28 .

15. Gentleness and kindness overcome the most powerful and obstinate.
long forbearing--or, "slowness to anger" ( Proverbs 14:29 , 15:18 ).

16, 17. A comparison, as a surfeit of honey produces physical disgust, so your company, however agreeable in moderation, may, if excessive, lead your friend to hate you.

18. A false witness is as destructive to reputation, as such weapons to the body ( Proverbs 24:28 ).
beareth . . . witness--literally, "answereth questions," as before a judge, against his neighbor.

19. Treachery annoys as well as deceives.

20. Not only is the incongruity of songs (that is, joyful) and sadness meant, but an accession of sadness, by want of sympathy, is implied.

21, 22. (Compare Matthew 5:44 , Romans 12:20 ). As metals are melted by heaping coals upon them, so is the heart softened by kindness.

23. Better, "As the north wind bringeth forth ( Psalms 90:2 ) or produces rain, so does a concealed or slandering tongue produce anger."

24. (Compare Proverbs 21:9 Proverbs 21:19 ).

25. (Compare Proverbs 25:13 ).
good news--that is, of some loved interest or absent friend, the more grateful as coming from afar.

26. From troubled fountains and corrupt springs no healthy water is to be had, so when the righteous are oppressed by the wicked, their power for good is lessened or destroyed.

27. Satiety surfeits ( Proverbs 25:16 ); so men who are self-glorious find shame.
is not glory--"not" is supplied from the first clause, or "is grievous," in which sense a similar word is used ( Proverbs 27:2 ).

28. Such are exposed to the incursions of evil thoughts and successful temptations.

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