Psalms 1

Psalms 1:1-6 . The character and condition, and the present and future destiny, of the pious and the wicked are described and contrasted, teaching that true piety is the source of ultimate happiness, and sin of misery. As this is a summary of the teachings of the whole book, this Psalm, whether designedly so placed or not, forms a suitable preface.

4. not so--either as to conduct or happiness.
like the chaff--which, by Eastern modes of winnowing against the wind, was utterly blown away.

5. stand in the judgment--be acquitted. They shall be driven from among the good ( Matthew 25:45 Matthew 25:46 ).

6. knoweth the way--attends to and provides for them ( Psalms 101:6 , Proverbs 12:10 , Hosea 13:5 ).
way of the wicked--All their plans will end in disappointment and ruin ( Psalms 37:13 , 146:8 , Proverbs 4:19 ).

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