Psalms 5


Psalms 5:1-12 . Upon Nehiloth--flutes or wind instruments. The writer begs to be heard, on the ground of God's regard for His covenant-people and true worshippers as contrasted with His holy hatred to the wicked. He prays for divine guidance, on account of his watchful, malignant, and deceitful enemies; and for their destruction as being also God's enemies. At the same time he expresses his confidence that God will extend aid to His people.

1. meditation--moanings of that half-uttered form to which deep feeling gives rise--groanings, as in Romans 8:26 Romans 8:27 .

2. Hearken--incline the ear ( Psalms 10:17 ; compare Psalms 61:2 )--give close attention.
my cry--that is, for help ( Psalms 61:2 , Jeremiah 8:19 ).
my King--thus by covenant relation interested in my cause.

3. direct--literally, "set in order," as the showbread was placed or set in order ( Exodus 40:23 ).

4. For, &c.--God only regards sincere worshippers.
evil--or, "the evil man."
dwell--lodge, remain under protection.

5. foolish--vainglorious and insolent.
iniquity--especially such as denotes a negation, or defect, that is, of moral principle.

6. leasing--a lie.
the bloody . . . man--literally, "man of blood"--murderer.

7. But--as in Psalms 2:6 , literally, "and."
house--( 1 Chronicles 9:23 ), the tabernacle.
temple--literally, "palace," applied to God's residence, the Holy of Holies ( 1 Samuel 3:3 , 2 Samuel 22:7 ); the inner part of the tabernacle.
toward--not in; the high priest alone was allowed to enter.

8. enemies--literally, "watchers" ( Psalms 27:11 ), hence special need of guidance.
in thy righteousness--an attribute implying faithfulness in promises as well as threatenings.
make thy way straight--that is, make the way of providence plain.

9. The wicked are not reliable because by nature they are full of wickedness, or literally, "wickednesses," of every kind ( Romans 8:7 ).
sepulchre--a dwelling-place of corruption, emitting moral putridness.
flatter--or, "make smooth."
their tongue--speaks deceitfully.

10. Destroy--or, "condemn" them to destruction as guilty.

11. defendest--(compare Margin).
love thy name--Thy manifested perfections ( Psalms 9:10 ).

12. with favour--or, "acceptance," alluding to the favor shown to an acceptable offering and worshipper ( Leviticus 7:18 , 19:7 ).
shield--(compare Psalms 3:3 ).