Psalms 101



Psalms 101:1-8 . In this Psalm the profession of the principles of his domestic and political government testifies, as well as actions in accordance with it, David's appreciation of God's mercy to him, and His judgment on his enemies: and thus he sings or celebrates God's dealings.

2. He avows his sincere purpose, by God's aid, to act uprightly ( Genesis 17:1 , Psalms 18:30 ).

3. set . . . eyes--as an example to be approved and followed.
no wicked thing--literally, "word," plan or purpose of Belial ( Psalms 41:8 ).
work of . . . aside--apostates.
not cleave to me--I will not be implicated in it (compare Psalms 1:1-3 ).

4. A froward heart--or, "perverse heart" ( Psalms 18:26 ). Such a temper I will not indulge, nor even know evil or wickedness.

5, 6. The slanderers and haughty persons, so mischievous in society, I will disown; but--

6. Mine eyes . . . upon--or, I will select reliable and honest men for my servants.

7. not dwell--literally, "not sit," or tarry, or be established.

8. will early--or, "diligently."
city of the Lord--or, "holy place" ( Psalms 48:2 ), where wicked men shall not be tolerated.