Psalms 149


Psalms 149:1-9. This Psalm sustains a close connection with the foregoing. The chosen people are exhorted to praise God, in view of past favors, and also future victories over enemies, of which they are impliedly assured.

1. (Compare Psalms 96:1 ).

2. God had signalized His relation as a sovereign, in restoring them to their land.

3. in the dance--( Psalms 30:11 ). The dance is connected with other terms, expressive of the great joy of the occasion. The word may be rendered "lute," to which the other instruments are joined.
sing praises--or, sing and play.

4. taketh pleasure--literally, "accepts," alluding to acceptance of propitiatory offerings (compare Psalms 147:11 ).
beautify, &c.--adorn the humble with faith, hope, joy, and peace.

5. in glory--the honorable condition to which they are raised.
upon their beds--once a place of mourning ( Psalms 6:6 ).

6. high praises--or, "deeds." They shall go forth as religious warriors, as once religious laborers ( Nehemiah 4:17 ).

7. The destruction of the incorrigibly wicked attends the propagation of God's truth, so that the military successes of the Jews, after the captivity, typified the triumphs of the Gospel.

9. the judgment written--either in God's decrees, or perhaps as in Deuteronomy 32:41-43 .
this honour--that is, to be thus employed, will be an honorable service, to be assigned
his saints--or, godly ones ( Psalms 16:3 ).