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Psalms 89

Psalms 89:1-52 . during some season of great national distress, perhaps Absalom's rebellion. It contrasts the promised prosperity and perpetuity of David's throne (with reference to the great promise of 2 Samuel 7:12-17 ), with a time when God appeared to have forgotten His covenant. The picture thus drawn may typify the promises and the adversities of Christ's kingdom, and the terms of confiding appeal to God provided appropriate prayers for the divine aid and promised blessing.

26, 27. first-born--one who is chief, most beloved or distinguished ( Exodus 4:22 , Colossians 1:15 ). In God's sight and purposes he was the first among all monarchs, and specially so in his typical relation to Christ.

28-37. This relation is perpetual with David's descendants, as a whole typical in official position of his last greatest descendant. Hence though in personal relations any of them might be faithless and so punished, their typical relation shall continue. His oath confirms His promise, and the most enduring objects of earth and heaven illustrate its perpetual force ( Psalms 72:5 Psalms 72:7 Psalms 72:17 ).

35. Once--one thing ( Psalms 27:4 ).
by my holiness--as a holy God.
that I will not lie--literally, "if I lie"--part of the form of swearing ( 1 Samuel 24:6 , 2 Samuel 3:35 ).

37. It shall . . . moon . . . heaven--literally, "As the moon, and the witness in the sky is sure, that is, the moon."

38-52. present a striking contrast to these glowing promises, in mournful evidences of a loss of God's favor.
cast off--and rejected (compare Psalms 15:4 , 43:2 , 44:9 ).

39. An insult to the "crown," as of divine origin, was a profanation.

40-45. The ruin is depicted under several figures--a vineyard whose broken "hedges," and "strongholds," whose ruins invite spoilers and invaders; a warrior, whose enemies are aided by God, and whose sword's "edge"--literally, "rock" or "strength" ( Joshua 5:2 ) is useless; and a youth prematurely old.

45. days of his youth--or, "youthful vigor," that is, of the royal line, or promised perpetual kingdom, under the figure of a man.

46. How long, &c.--(Compare Psalms 13:1 , 88:14 , Jeremiah 4:4 ).

47. These expostulations are excited in view of the identity of the prosperity of this kingdom with the welfare of all mankind ( Genesis 22:18 , Psalms 72:17 , Isaiah 9:7 , 11:1-10 ); for if such is the fate of this chosen royal line.

48. What man--literally, "strong man--shall live?" and, indeed, have not all men been made in vain, as to glorifying God?

49-51. The terms of expostulation are used in view of the actual appearance that God had forsaken His people and forgotten His promise, and the plea for aid is urged in view of the reproaches of His and His people's enemies (compare Isaiah 37:17-35 ).

50. bear in my bosom--as feeling the affliction of the people ( Psalms 69:9 ).
footsteps--ways ( Psalms 56:6 ).

52. Blessed, &c.--denotes returning confidence ( Psalms 34:1-3 ).
Amen, and Amen--closes the third book of Psalms.

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